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Department of Religious Studies


Religious Studies

Milica Bakić-Hayden
Lecturer 2
PhD, University of Chicago
Balkans and South Asia, Eastern Orthodoxy, Hinduism, comparative mysticism, sainthood

Clark Chilson
Associate Professor
PhD, Lancaster University (UK)
Japan, modern and premodern Buddhism and popular religion, ethnography, secretive societies

Rebecca Denova
Senior Lecturer
PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Early Christianity, religions of late antiquity

Haya S. Feig
Lecturer 2
MEd, University of Pittsburgh
MA, London University
Hebrew language

Benjamin Gordon
Assistant Professor and Rosenberg-Perlow Fellow
PhD, Duke University
Ancient Near East, early Judaism, Syro-Palestinian archaeology in the classical periods

Jeanette S. Jouili
Assistant Professor
PhD, École des hautes étude en sciences sociales (Paris), in conjunction with the University Frankfurt/Oder
Islam, Western Europe and North Africa, anthropology of religion, Muslim diasporas, neoliberalism, ethics, gender, popular culture

Paula M. Kane
Professor and John and Lucine O'Brien Marous Chair of Contemporary Catholic Studies
PhD, Yale University
North America, popular religion, modern Roman Catholicism, religion and the arts

Rachel Kranson
Assistant Professor
PhD, New York University
North America, modern Jewish history, gender studies

Linda Penkower
Associate Professor
PhD, Columbia University
Medieval Chinese and Japanese Buddhist history, modern East Asian popular religion

Adam Shear
Associate Professor
PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Medieval and early modern Judaism, history of the book

Secondary Appointments

Mohammed A. Bamyeh
Associate Professor of Sociology
PhD, University of Madison at Wisconsin
Islam, religion and secularism in modernity, globalization, sociology of religion, social movements

H. David Brumble
Professor of English
PhD, University of Nebraska
Bible as literature, late medieval and renaissance literature

Visiting Faculty

Brock Bahler
Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, Duquesne University
Philosophy of religion, ethics, global justice, gender studies


Fred W. Clothey

Tony Edwards

Bernard R. Goldstein

Alexander Orbach

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