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Benjamin Gordon

Assistant Professor and Rosenberg-Perlow Fellow in Classical Judaism
PhD, Duke University, 2013

2617A Cathedral of Learning


Ancient Near East; early Judaism; Syro-Palestinian archaeology in the classical periods; history of Galilee; Second Temple priesthood, cult and the early economy; ancient land management


Myth in the Ancient Near East, Jews and Judaism—Ancient, Israel in the Biblical Age, Jerusalem: History and Imagination, Major Biblical Themes, Religion, Nature & the Environment

Selected Publications

“Debt Fraud, Herem Entrapment, and Other Crimes Involving Cultic Property in Late Hellenistic and Early Roman Judea.” In Expressions of Cult in the Southern Levant in the Greco-Roman Period. Manifestations in Text and Material Culture, edited by Zeev Weiss and Oren Tal, 255–267. Contextualizing the Sacred 6. Turnhout: Brepols (2017)..

“On the Sanctity of Mixtures and Branches: Two Halakic Sayings in Romans 11:16–24." Journal of Biblical Literature 135/2 (2016): : 355–68.

“Sepphoris: The Residential Area of the Western Summit” (with Eric M. Meyers and Carol L. Meyers). In David A. Fiensy and James Riley Strange, eds. Galilee in the Late Second Temple and Mishnaic Periods, Volume 2: The Archaeological Record from Cities, Towns, and Villages. Fortress Press, 2015, 39-52.

“Sepphoris: The Western Summit” (with Eric Meyers and Carol Meyers). In David A. Fiensy and James Riley Strange, eds. Galilee in the Late Second Temple and Mishnaic Periods 100 BCE–200 CE. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2015.

“The Misunderstood Redemption Fee in the Holiness Legislation on Dedications (Lev 27).” Zeitschrift für die Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 126/2 (2014):180–92.

“Stone Artifacts from the Cardo and the Nea Church.” In O. Gutfeld, Jewish Quarter Excavations in the Old City of Jerusalem, Conducted by Nahman Avigad, 1969–1982. Vol. V, The Cardo and the Nea Church, Final Report. Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society, 450–57 (2012).

“The Byzantine Residential Quarter South of the Temple Mount.” Eretz Israel 28 (2008), 79–87 [Hebrew]. 

“The Byzantine Quarter South of the Temple Mount Enclosure.” In E. Mazar, The Temple Mount Excavations in Jerusalem 1968–1978, Directed by Benjamin Mazar, Final Reports. Vol. III, The Byzantine Period. Qedem 46. Jerusalem: Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 201–15.

“The Pottery of the Southern and Peristyle Houses” (with Eilat Mazar). In Temple Mount Excavations, Vol. III (op. cit.), 149–76.

Digital Humanities Project

Co-director (with Paul Flesher and Chad Spigel), The Meyers Excavations Digital Archives Project.

Honors and Awards

Perilman-Lerner Postdoctoral Fellowship in Jewish Studies, Duke University (2013–2015)

Yad Hanadiv and the Beracha Foundation Visiting Fellowship in Jewish Studies, Israel (2015–2016, declined)

Frankel Fellowship in Judaic Studies, University of Michigan (2015–2016, declined)

Current Projects

Land and Temple: Sacred Real Estate and the Second Temple Priesthood. Studia Judaica. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.

The Western Summit of Sepphoris, coeditor with Eric Meyers and Carol Meyers. Duke Sepphoris Excavations, Vol. 3. Eisenbraun.

"God as a Source of Credit: A New Interpretation of Leviticus 27” (with Joshua Sosin).

'Archaeology of the Post-Exilic Period." In Donn F. Morgan, ed. The Oxford Handbook of the Writings of the Hebrew Bible. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

University Affiliations

Coordinator of the Jewish Studies Certificate

Overseas Experience

Ben Gordon lived in Jerusalem for eight years, where he trained in field archaeology and worked in archaeological research at the Hebrew University, after spending two years at a Jewish Studies institute. He has helped supervise several excavations in Israel and has co-led student trips to the region. 

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