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Department of Religious Studies


Jeanette S. Jouili

Assistant Professor
PhD, École des hautes études en sciences

2603 Cathedral of Learning


Contemporary Islam, Islam in Europe, anthropology of religion, anthropology of ethics, religious pluralism and secularism, religion and popular culture, gender studies


Introduction to Islamic Civilization, Islam and Politics, Hymns and Hiphop—Sounds of Islam

Selected Publications

Pious Practice and Secular Constraints: Women in the Islamic Revival in Europe. Stanford University Press, 2015.

Islamic Sounds, Secular Sounds and The Politics of Listening,” Special Issue of Anthropological Quarterly (coedited with Annelies Moors), 87.4 (2014).

“Introduction: Islamic Sounds, Secular Sounds and The Politics of Listening,” (coauthored with Annelies Moors), Anthropological Quarterly 87.4 (2014).

“Refining the Umma in the Shadow of the Republic: Islamic Performing Arts and New Islamic Audio-visual Landscapes in France,” Anthropology Quarterly 87.4 (2014).

“Rapping the Republic: Utopia, Critique and Muslim Role Models in Secular France,” French Politics, Culture & Society 31.2 (2013).

“Halal Arts: Censorship or Creative Ethical Practice?” Islam and Public Controversy in Europe. Göle, Nilüfer (ed.). Ashgate, 2013.

“Beyond Emancipation: Subjectivities and Ethics among Women in Europe’s Islamic Revival Communities,” Feminist Review 98 (2011).

“Negotiating Secular Boundaries: Pious Micro-practices of Muslim Women in French and German Public Spheres,” Social Anthropology 17.4 (2009).

“L’émergence d’intellectuel(les) de l’Islam en Allemagne: entre discipline politique et herméneutique féministe” (coauthored with Nikola Tietze), Revue des Mondes Musulmans et de la Méditerranée 123.1 (2008).

“Knowledge, Empowerment and Religious Authority among Pious Muslim Women in France and Germany” (coauthored with Schirin Amir-Moazami), Muslim World 96.4 (2006).

Current Project

"The Islamic Artistic Scene in Post 7/7 UK: Between Religious Ethics and State Discipline" (ms)

Selected Honors and Awards

Women’s Studies Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke University (2012-2013)

Fellow, Society for the Humanities, Cornell University (2011-2012)

NWO (Dutch Scientific Council) Cultural Dynamics Post-doctoral Research Grant (2008-2011)

(Co-PI) Research Group “Configurations of Muslim Traditions in European Secular Public Spheres,” funded by NOW (Dutch Scientific Council), (2008-2011)

Post-doctoral Fellow, International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (ISIM), Leiden (2007-2008)

University Affiliations

Core member of the European Studies Center, Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies, Global Studies Center

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