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Department of Religious Studies


Alexander Orbach

Associate Professor
PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1975

2606 Cathedral of Learning


Modern Jewish politics, Diaspora studies, dual loyalty


Modern Israel, Holocaust, After the Holocaust, Russian Jewry, Israel: State and Society, Approaches to Antisemitism, Modern Jewry, and graduate seminars on historiography, modern Jewish thought, modern Judaism

Selected Publications

New Voices of Russian Jewry: A Study of the Russian-Jewish Press of Odessa in the Era of the Great Reforms, 1860-1871, Brill, 1980

"The Emergence of Ethnic Politics in 1905: The League for the Attainment of Full Rights for the Jews of Russia," Russian History 37 (2011)

"Between Liberal Integrationists and Political Segregationists: the Zionism of Asher Ginsberg (1889-1907)," Studia Judaica VI (1997) [Cluj-Napoca]

"Historical Approaches to the Israel/Arab Dispute: The Search for a Two-State Solution; Jewish Perspectives," in A Two-State Solution to the Arab Israeli Conflict, edited by Baruch Fischhoff, Carnegie Mellon University Press, 1993

Current Projects

The theme of dual loyalty, public responses of Iliya Ehrenburg and Alfred Lilienthal to the emergence of the State of Israel (1948) within the context of the Cold War and their identities as Soviet and American Jews, respectively

University Affiliations

Secondary appointment in the Department of History, former longtime director of the Jewish Studies Program (through summer 2010), and core faculty member of the European Studies Center and the Center for Russian and East European Studies of the University Center for International Studies

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