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Faculty Achievements

Rebecca Denova spent an eventful summer in Egypt participating in the UCIS/Global Studies Program's 2007 Short-term Egypt Study Tour for Educators on Islam, the West, and the Muslim World, supported by a Fulbright-Hays grant. Also in 2007, she once again won a College of General Studies (CGS) Student Choice Award, which honors faculty members who have made an impact on the CGS community and the University.

Linda Penkower was awarded a 2007 Association for Asian Studies, Northeast Asia Council Travel to Japan Grant for her project, "Sino-Japanese Relations and the Construction of Tiantai/Tendai Buddhist Lineage Accounts."

Best wishes to Fred W. Clothey, who retired as Professor Emeritus in 2006 after thirty years of research, teaching and service at Pitt. Dr. Clothey is a leader in the creation of the field of ritual studies and a pioneer of ethnographic fieldwork and documentation of religious practice in India. He was cofounder and longtime coeditor of the Journal of Ritual Studies, a trustee of the American Institute of Indian Studies, cofounder and first Chair of the Conference on South Indian Religion, cofounder and co-coordinator of the Pitt in India Program (with the University of Hyderabad), and resident co-coordinator of the Great Lakes Colleges Association Year in India Program.

A distinguished scholar and documenter of ritual, Dr. Clothey is editor of five special issues of the Journal of Ritual Studies, author of some twenty articles and Tamil story translations and seven books—including the newly published Ritualizing on the Boundaries: Continuity and Innovation in the Tamil Diaspora (Studies in Comparative Religion, University of South Carolina Press, 2007) and Religion in India: A Historical Introduction (Routledge, 2007)—and producer/director of six documentary films on ritual.

Dr. Clothey (PhD, Chicago, 1968) joined the faculty of the Department of Religious Studies at Pitt in 1975, was promoted to associate professor in 1978 and to full professor in 1984. In recognition of his accomplishments, he was the recipient of the Distinguished Asianist Award conferred at a dinner in his honor at the Mid-Atlantic Region Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting in October 2005. An international conference on Ritualizing In, On and Across the Boundaries of the Indian Subcontinent was held in his honor at Pitt on March 31-April 2, 2006.

Linda Penkower was one of four invited participants at an international symposium on religion textbooks in honor of the 90th anniversary of Taishō University in Tokyo in February 2007, speaking on "'Turning the Wheel of the Dharma' in the North American Classroom."

Milica Bakić-Hayden was awarded a 2005-2006 U.S. Institute Peace Fellowship for "On Common Ground: Christianity and Islam in the Balkans" and was in residence at the University of Belgrade and the University of Sarajevo in spring 2006.

Paula Kane received a 2006 Award for Excellence from Chi Omega.

Alexander Orbach was reelected in 2005-2006 for a five-year term as Director of Jewish Studies.

Adam Shear won a 2005-2006 University of Pennsylvania, Center for Advanced Judaic Studies Louis and Bessie Stein Fellowship for "The Formation of a Canon of Jewish Thought: The Book Culture of Early Modern Italian Jews" and was a Fellow in residence at the Center in fall 2005. Visit his contribution to the Center's online exhibition on The Jewish Book: Material Texts and Comparative Contexts. He was an invited presenter on "The Italian and Berlin Haskalah Revisited," Conference on Early Modern Culture and the Haskalah: On the Borderlines of Modern Jewish History at the Simon Dubnow Institute in Leipzig in summer 2006.

Rebecca Denova received a 2005 CGS Student Choice Award, which honors faculty members who have made an impact on the CGS community and the University.

Graduate Student Achievements

Nancy Klancher's "The Male Soul in Drag: Women-as-Job in the Testament of Job” appears in the Journal for the Study of the Pseudipigrapha 19.3 (2010); book reviews: Jesus: The Village Psychiatrist by Donald Capps, Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus 7 (2009); What Are They Saying About the Historical Jesus? by David B. Gowler, Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus 6.2 (July 2008); From Jesus to the Gospels: Interpreting the New Testament in Its Context by Helmut Koester, Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus 6.2 (July 2008).

Izzet Bahar is author of Jewish Historiography on the Ottoman Empire and its Jewry from the Late Fifteenth Century to the Early Decades of the Twentieth Century (Istanbul: Isis Press, 2008).

Hongyu Wu published "Shannüren zhuan he Qingdai Jushi Fojiao" (The Biographies of Good Women and Lay Buddhism in the Qing Dynasty) in Bai nian fojiao (Chinese Buddhist Studies in the Last Century) (Wuhan University Press, 2008). Her "Lotus Blooming Under the Cross: the Interaction between Buddhism and Nestorian Christianity in the Tang Dynasty," which grew out of a presentation at the annual meeting of the Association for Asian Studies, appears in Sino-Platonic Papers 142 (2004).

Elliot Bergman's (German) "Images of Jews and Judaism in Georg Rollenhagen's Drama Vom reichen Manne und armen Lazaro," written for Jewish-Christian Relations, is online at SpringerLink.

Jeff Brackett is co-translator of "Hanuman at the Center of Maharashtrian Village Life: A Translation of Vyankatesh Madgulkar's Marathi Story," which appears with introduction in the Journal of Vaishnava Studies (March 2004).

Peter de Vries' "Five Moments of Communication in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit," appears in Similarity and Difference in Translation: Proceedings of the International Conference on Similarity and Translation, edited by Stefano Arduini and Robert Hodgson (Rimini: Guaraldi, 2004). He was also a visiting lecturer at Peki Theological Seminary, Peki, VR, Ghana in summer 2005.

Patrick Hughes published "Aquinas' Principle of Individuation," Episteme 2 (May 1991).

Amy Slagle's, "Imagined Aesthetics: Constructions of Aesthetic Experience in Contemporary Orthodox Christian Conversion Narratives," which grew out of a paper delivered at an international conference at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands, appears in Aesthetics as a Religious Factor in Eastern and Western Christianity, Eastern Christian Studies 6, edited by Wil van den Bercken and Jonathan Sutton (Leuven: Peeters Publishers, 2005). Book reviews: Russian Orthodoxy on the Eve of Revolution by Vera Shevzov, Journal of Religion and Society 7 (2005) (online), and St. Symeon the New Theologian and the Orthodox Tradition by Hilarion Alfeyev, Koinonia Journal 14.1 (spring 2002).

Sarah Slevinski's "Toward a Theory of Pre-industrial Folk Ritual: The Case of Polish Wigilia," which formed part of her MA thesis (2007), appears in Studies in Slavic Culture 5 (2006).

Lon Weaver's "Clash or Encounter: Tillich's Christological Corrective to Samuel Huntington," first presented at the Xth International Paul Tillich Symposium in Frankfurt (2004), appears in the conference volume (2005); "Theology of Resistance in Bonhoeffer and Tillich," in Resistance and Theological Ethics, edited by Ronald H. Stone and Robert L. Stivers (Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, 2004); "Subliminal Marxist or Overt Religious Socialist—Response to Brian Donnelly's The Socialist Émigré: Marxism and the Late Tillich," Bulletin of the North American Paul Tillich Society XXX.2 (spring 2004).

National Presentations

Emily Bailey, "Recipes for Religion: Church Cookbooks and Female Spirituality in America," Association for the Study of Food and Society conference at Indiana University (2010); "Eating Habits: An Ethnographic Study of Social Food Practice in Female Catholic Religious Life" at the Joint Annual Meeting of the AFHVS (Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society) and ASFS (Association for the Study of Food and Society), Penn State University (2009).

David Givens presented "Negotiating Belief and Ethnicity in Ethnographic Research," North Central Sociological Association Annual Conference, April 2010; "Overcoming Divisions Amidst Diversity: Latino and Euro-American Faith and Identity at St. Regis Catholic Church,” Florida State University Department of Religion’s 9th Annual Graduate Student Symposium (2010).

Susie Meister, "The Perceived Insider: Ethnographic Challenges of a Former Member," North Central Sociological Association Annual Conference (2010).

Matthew Peterson, "The Politics of Observation," North Central Sociological Association Annual Conference, Chicago (2010).

Nancy Klancher, "The Taming of the Canaanite Woman: Scenes from the Afterlife of Matthew 15:21-28," 2010 Society of Biblical Literature Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting (2010).

Alexandra C.K. Seitz, "Arriving at the 'Proper' Moral Choice: Pittsburgh Catholics for Obama and the Question of Abortion," Annual Convention of the American Studies Association (2009).

Peter de Vries, "The Challenge of Apocalyptic Texts in Contexts of Crisis," SBL Annual Meeting (2009); "Recitation of the Qur'an and the Incarnation of Christ: Possibilities for Global Society," AAR Annual Meeting (2006); "Quine, Scripture, and the Underdetermination of Theology" and "Wittgenstein and Language in a Non-Original Setting," AAR/SBL Mid-Atlantic Region Annual Meeting (2004).

Joel Brady, "Ethnography by Judicial Proxy in East European and American Migrant Religious History,"Forty-first Annual Convention of the American Academy for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (2009); "Transnational Reforms: Greek Catholic Converts to Russian Orthodoxy in America and Eastern Europe, 1890-1914," Third Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Eastern Christian History and Culture (2009), at which he organized the panel called "Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Reform in the History of Eastern Christianity"; "Transnational Conversions: Migrants in America and Greek Catholic Conversion Movements to Eastern Orthodoxy in the Habsburg Empire, 1900-1914," University of Alberta Conference on Eastern Christians in the Habsburg Monarchy (2009).

Andrew Cole, "Christ, Church, and Culture: Religious Education and Identity for Eastern Orthodox Children in America," Third Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Eastern Christian History and Culture (2009).

Hongyu Wu, "Buddhist Practices and the Womanly Way: Biographical Narratives of Buddhist Laywomen n High Qing China," XVth Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies (2008); "Leading the Good Life: The Shannüren zhuan and Lay Buddhism in the High Qing (1683-1839)," Harvard University East Asia Society Graduate Conference (2007); "In the Name of Revolution: An Approach to the Rituals in the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)," AAS Mid-Atlantic Region Annual Meeting (2005).

Izzet Bahar, "German or Jewish: The German Scholars in Turkey, 1933-1950," Graduate Student Conference on "New Approaches: Home, Nation, and Landedness in Modern Jewish Identity," cosponsored by Columbia University's Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies and the Harvard University Center for Jewish Studies, Harvard University (2008).

Sandra Collins, "'Weapons upon her body': The Struggle for the Female Heroic in the Hebrew Bible," Annual Conference of the Association of Jewish Studies (2007); "'Better to me than seven sons': Correcting the Vision of Daughters in the Hebrew Bible," AAR Eastern International Region Annual Meeting (2006); "Jewish Perspectives on the Environment: The view from Genesis," Conference on Spirit and Nature, Chatham College (2004).

Amy Slagle, "All-American Saints: Depictions of Eastern Orthodox Sainthood in Contemporary North America," American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting (2007); "Internalized Other: Constructions of Ethnicity among American Converts to Eastern Orthodox Christianity," AAR Annual Meeting (2005); "Tradition à la carte: Competing Visions of Eastern Orthodox Identity in an American Parish," Association for the Study of Eastern Christian History and Culture Biennial Conference at Ohio State University (2005); "The Meek Shall Not Inherit the Church: 'Convert' as a Category of Authority in Contemporary American Orthodoxy," Under Construction: History, Identities, and Representation in the Study of Religion Conference at Columbia University (2005); "Metaphor and the Reconfigured Self among Converts to Orthodox Christianity," AAR Eastern International Region Annual Meeting (2003); "Eastern 'Orthopraxy': Silence, Singing, and Negotiated Power Relations in the Orthodox Christian Divine Liturgy," AAR Midwest Region Annual Meeting (2002). Amy was a discussant for a panel on "Misconceptions about World Religions" at the National Conference for Community and Justice, Workshop for the Promotion of Religious Tolerance (2003).

Margaret Rencewicz, "My Husband, My Priest: The Priest's Wife and her Role in the Polish National Catholic Church in America," Sixth European Gender Research Conference on Gender & Citizenship in a Multicultural Context at the University of Lodz, Poland (2006). Maggie received full funding to participate in a workshop on Poland in the Rockies in Canmore, Alberta, Canada in summer 2006.

Pitt Grad Expo Presentations

Marco Dozzi,"Fluid Evidential Reasoning: An Alternative Model of Belief Formation, Maintenance, and Expression for the Cognitive Science of Religion" (2010).

Emily Bailey, "Shoshin-Beginner’s Mind: My Month in an American Zen Monastery" (2009).

Andrew Cole, "Baklava, Books, and Boundaries: Religious Identity and Education for Eastern Orthodox Children in America" (2009). Winner of Outstanding Paper Award.

Alexandra C.K. Seitz, "Arriving at the Proper Moral Choice: Pittsburgh Catholics for Obama and the Question of Abortion" (2009). Winner of Outstanding Paper Award.

Peter de Vries, "The Apocalyptic Genre Considered by the Light of Ricoeur's Hermeneutics" (2009).

Adrienne Spillar, "Tailgating as a Ritual Event? An Exploratory Study into the Structure and Dynamics of Football Tailgating" (2008).

Joel Brady, "The Role of the Historical in the Ethnography of Byzantine Catholicism" (2007); "Ritualization and Identity Crisis in Ecumenical Worship: The Opening Ceremony of the World Council of Churches" (2006).

Melissanne Myers, "An Alternative in Inter-Religious Bridge Building: The Power of Ritualizing" (2006); "Dangerous Equation: The Chimeric Assumption of Shared Sacred Text and Its Hinderance to Jewish-Christian Interfaith Dialogue" (2004).

Patrick Hughes, "Blasphemy Legislation and Prosecution in Pennsylvania, 1700-1972" (2005).


Nancy Klancher won a Mellon Fellowship (2010-2011) for dissertation research on "Jesus and the Canaanite Woman: Studies in the Reception of Matthew 15:21-28."

Margarita Delgado was awarded three Chancellor's Graduate Fellowship in Chinese Studies (2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011).

Joel Brady was the recipient of three REES FLAS Fellowships (2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2010-2011) as well as a 2007-2008 Michael Komichak Ukrainian Language Scholarship. Joel received the 2009 Nationality Rooms, Eugene Manasterski Memorial Award to support summer research in Lviv, Ukraine on his dissertation "Transnational Conversions: Greek Catholic and Russian Orthodox Conversion Movements in America and Austro-Hungary (1890-1914."

Susie Meister was awarded a 2010-2011 CLAS FLAS Fellowship for her work on "prosperity gospel" in Latin America.

Rebecca Slavin received a 2010 Nationality Rooms, Israel Hertiage Room Award to support summer dissertation research on "Jewish Women in Pittsburgh who made Aliyah between 1950 and 1970" at the Central Zionist Archive in Jerusalem.

Patrick Hughes was awarded a 2009 Library Resident Research Fellow at the American Philosophical Society Library in Philadelphia to conduct research on his project called "A Reception History of Thomas Paine’s The Age of Reason."

Margaret Rencewicz won a Slovak Ministry of Education Scholarship to study at the Summer School of Slovak Language and Culture at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia (2009). Maggie was also awarded a Thomas Kukucka Memorial Scholarship from the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures (2009) and a 2008 REES FLAS Fellowship for the intensive study of Slovak at Pitt's Russian and European Summer Language Institute.

Izzet Bahar received a 2008 Nationality Rooms, Israel Heritage Room Fellowship to support summer research in Israel on his dissertation, "Turkish Policies on Relief and Rescue Efforts Towards the Jewish Victims of German Persecution during the Second World War."

Amy Slagle was awarded a prestigious 2007-2008 Louisville Fellowship and two Mellon Fellowships (2005-2006, 2006-2007) for dissertation research on "'Nostalgia without Memory': Identity, Choice-making, and Tradition among American Converts to Eastern Orthodoxy." Amy was also the recipient of four REES FLAS Fellowships (summer 2000, 2001-2002, 2002-2003, 2003-2004).

Hongyu Wu was awarded two Mellon Fellowships for dissertation research on "Leading the Good Life: Biographical Narratives of and Instructions for Chinese Lay Buddhist Women" (2006-2007, 2007-2008). Hongyu was the recipient of a Pre-dissertation Chinese Scholarship (2006-2007) to conduct dissertation research in China and two P.E.O. International Peace Scholarships (2004-2005, 2005-2006). She also was awarded a Japanese Summer Language Scholarship (2003) and three Tuition Remission Scholarships from the China Council.

Jamie Hataway was awarded an AY 2007 ASC FLAS Fellowship (Japanese).

Sarah Slevinski was awarded two REES FLAS Fellowships (Polish) (2005-2006, 2006-2007).

Christopher Rupp was the recipient of three Japan Iron and Steel Federation/Mitsubishi Graduate Fellowships in Japanese Studies (2003-2004, 2004-2005, 2005-2006) and two Japanese Summer Language Study Scholarships (2004, 2005). He spent summer 2004 at International Christian University in Tokyo and attended the Ninth Annual International Lotus Sūtra Conference held in Nagano, Japan that June; his conference report can be found in Dharma World 31 (Nov./Dec. 2004) and Chūo gakujutsu kenkyūjo kiyō 33.

Sandra Collins won a 2004 Student Choice Award for Excellence in Teaching, which honors instructors who have made an impact on the CGS community and the University.

Barbara Lilan Laishley was the recipient of two Mellon Fellowships (2001-2002, 2002-2003). She won a 1998 Honorable Mention from the American Academy of Religion, Eastern Regional Division, for her presentation on "Ritual and Biopsychology: The Effect of Walking the Labyrinth on the Brain."

Bill Lindsey was one of twelve invited doctoral candidates in Japanese studies to participate in the 2001-2002 Social Science Research Council, Japanese Studies Dissertation Workshop held in Monterey, CA. He was also the recipient of five Japan Iron and Steel Federation/Mitsubishi Graduate Fellowships in Japanese Studies (summer 1997, spring 2000, summer 2000, 2001-2002, 2000-2001), a Mellon Fellowship (1999-2000), a Fulbright Dissertation Research Study Abroad Fellowship (1998-1999), and three ASC FLAS Fellowships (summer 1996, 1996-1997, 1997-1998). Bill spent summer 1996 studying advanced Japanese at the Middlebury Language School and a year at the Inter-University Center in Yokohama (1997-1998).

Jeff Brackett won a Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship (1998-1999). He spent an additional two years in India studying Marathi under the the auspices of the American Institute of Indian Studies and National Security Education Program (1996-1997, 1997-1998).

Recent Alumni News

William R. Lindsey (PhD, 2003) was promoted in 2010 to associate professor with tenure at the University of Kansas, where he is a member of the Department of Religious Studies. Bill saw the publication of Fertility and Pleasure: Ritual and Sexual Values in Tokugawa Japan (University of Hawai'i Press, 2006). He was in Japan during 2004-2006 as a Social Science Research Council/Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellow.

Nathan S. Hilberg (PhD, 2006) published Religious Truth and Religious Diversity, American University Series, Series 7: Theology and Religion vol. 288 (Peter Lang, 2009). Nate is currently director of academic affairs for Pitt's Honors College.

Sandra Collins (PhD, 2009) was appointed as adjunct professor of Biblical Studies and academic dean at the Byzantine Catholic Seminary beginning fall 2009.

Amy Slagle (PhD, 2008) joined the Department of Philosophy and Religion at the University of South Mississippi as an assistant professor of religious studies in fall 2008.

Jeff Brackett (PhD, 2004) won a Lilly Endowment, Wabash Center Grant for participation in the Workshop on Teaching and Learning for Pre-Tenure Religion Faculty at Colleges and Universities, 2006-2007. Jeff joined the faculty of the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Ball State University (Muncie, IN) as an assistant professor in fall 2005. Prior to accepting that position, he taught at Dickinson College.

Milan Vukomanović (PhD, 1993), who teaches at the University of Belgrade, is author of Religion (Beograd: Zavod za udzbenike i nastavna sredstva, 2004); The Sacred and the Multitude: Challenges of Religious Pluralism (Beograd: Cigoja stampa, 2001); Early Christianity (Novi Sad: Svetovi 1996; second edition, Beograd: Cigoja stampa, 2003); and Early Christian Myths: Hermeneutical Investigations (Beograd: Naucna knjiga, 1992; second edition, Beograd: Cigoja stampa, 1997). Milan is also the editor or coeditor of five books.

Gilya Gerda Schmidt (PhD, 1991), professor and head of the Department of Religious Studies and director of the Fern and Manfred Steinfeld Program in Judaic Studies at the University of Tennessee, published The Art and Artists of the Fifth Zionist Congress: Heralds of a New Age (University of Syracuse Press, 2003). In addition to editing and translating five other books, Gerda is the author of Martin Buber's Formative Years: From German Culture to Jewish Renewal, 1898-1909 (University of Alabama Press, 1995).

Ted Pulcini (PhD, 1994), associate professor of religious studies at Dickinson College, published Exegesis of Polemical Discourse: Ibn Hazm on Jewish and Christian Scriptures (American Academy of Religion Series, no. 2, 1995).

Undergraduate Achievements
Religious Studies Minor Acknowledged for Her Promotion of Women's Rights

Shannon Black (Class of 2009) received a 2008 Nationality Rooms Scholarship to go to Tanzania, where she helped local villagers gain better access to water supplies while she learned about issues affecting women and families in Africa. She has been very active in Pitt’s Campus Women’s Organization (CWO), serving as president for the past two years. She was also the 2008-2009 president of Pitt’s campus-based Student Volunteer Organization, a community service group, and a member of Pitt’s Rainbow Alliance, an organization dedicated to the interests of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered communities. Read more about Shannon's promotion of women's right at home and abroad in the Pitt Chronicle.

Religious Studies Senior Thesis Research Highlighted in Pitt Magazine

Halle Goldblatt's (Class of 2008) ethnographic research for her senior thesis on the religious pilgrimage to the grave of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the last spiritual leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, an ultra-orthodox Judaism that emphasizes worldwide outreach and a return to traditional practices, was featured in Pitt Magazine's "Commons Room: A Slice of Campus Life" column.

Major Presents Paper at International Conference in India

Tim Jackson, who completed a study trip on environmental issues in Mongolia, India and Thailand (May-December 2008), is the first recipient of a Fred W. Clothey Grant for South Asian and Ritual Studies. He presented "The Ecological Activities of Various Religious Groups in India" at the Conference on Indian Philosophy held in Kolkata, India in January 2009. This research was incorporated in parts of Tim's religious studies senior thesis and Honors College BPhil theses (2009).

Senior Wins 2007 Marshall Fellowship

Congratulations to Anna Quider, who graduated in April 2007 with majors in religious studies, physics and astronomy, and history and philosophy of science, on winning a 2007 Marshall Fellowship. The prestigious Marshall Fellowship covers two years of graduate study at a university of choice in England. Anna has elected to study astrophysics at Cambridge.

Senior Named 2006 Omicron Delta Kappa Senior of the Year

Greg Heller-LaBelle, who graduated in April 2006 with majors in religious studies, art history, English-writing and psychology, was named ODK Senior of the Year. The ODK is a national honorary society that recognizes high standards of leadership in collegiate activities and outstanding leadership qualities in service to the University. Look for Greg's name, which joins past ODK winners, on the stone sidewalk between the Cathedral of Learning and Heinz Chapel.

Senior Wins 2005 Jacob K. Javits Fellowship

Patrick Dunn, who earned the Honors College BPhil degree in 2004 with majors in religious studies and philosophy, was awarded a 2004-2005 Javits Fellowship for Graduate Study. The prestigious Javits Fellowship covers tuition, fees, and a non-teaching stipend for four years of graduate study. Patrick is currently working towards a doctoral degree in philosophy at the University of Chicago.

Seniors Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

Adelaide Eichman (2006), Akshar Abbot (2006), Todd Pappasergi (2006), Meredith Hutchison (2008), Jason Saltzman (2009), John Schmidt (2009)

Majors Awarded Honors College BPhil Degrees

Erik Hinton (Philosophy and Film Studies), for "Expressing the Absolute: Pluralism and the World-in-Itself" (2010)

Timothy R. Jackson, for "Deep Ecology in Action: A Series of Case Studies on the Conservation Efforts of Monastics and Other Religious Leaders in Mongolia, India, and Thailand" (2009)

Ryan Suskey, for "Returning to Exile?: The Retrieving and Rejecting of Jewishness in French Shoah Narrative" (August 2008)

Robin M. Farabee-Siers, for "Condom Use and the Spread of HIV/AIDS in Muslim-Majority Middle East and North African Countries" (2008)

Thomas Menditto, for "Agape as Evolutionary: A Transpersonal Approach to the Physical and Spiritual Evolution of Humanity" (2008)

Greg Heller-LaBelle, for "Recurring Dreams: A Novel in Stories" (2006)

Patrick Dunn, for "From Prajñā to Praxis: Finding Upāya in the American Marketplace" (2004)

Majors Graduate with Honors

2008: Reem Hanna, Rebecca Roadman, Matthew Soyka, Marta Spangler, and Adam Warble (summa cum laude); Kendra Buckwalter, Deidra Dunhoff, Robin Farabee-Siers, Jessica Hartman, Meredith Hutchison, and Joseph Ludington (magna cum laude); Bjorn Edwards, Maria Grandas, Angela Heffron, David Lesser and Mark Parchment (cum laude).

2007: Anna Quider, Monica Vickers (summa cum laude); Scott Goldman, Terry Rodino (magna cum laude); Jonathan Libbon (cum laude)

Religious Studies Brackenridge Fellowship Winners

Lauren Buches (History and English Writing), for "Replacing Religious Beliefs with Civil Religions in Nazi Germany Modern Israel" (2009)

Erik Hinton (Philosophy and Film Studies), for "Reconstituting the Whole: A Study in the Problems of Religious Unity and Totality" (2009) and "The Place of Self-Understanding in Biblical Text: A Phenomenological Reading of the Gospels" (2008)

Laura Pasek, for "Religious Syncretism in Ancient Egypt: Hathor, Isis, and the Virgin Mary" (2009)

Michelle Vo (History), for "From Mary Magdalene to Modernity: Attitudes Toward Prostitution, Female Sexuality, and the Global Sex Industry" (2009)

Robin Farabee-Siers, for "Islamic Contraception and the Spread of HIV/AIDS" (2007)

Reem Hanna, for "The Religious Dynamics of Singapore" (2007)

Ryan Suskay, for "Returning to Exile: Re-emergence of the Diasporas Sentiment in French Holocaust Narratives" (2007)

Willie Costello (Japanese and Computer Science), for "Wittgenstein, Zen and the Approach to Philosophical Problems: A Comparison of Philosophical Investigations and the Mumonkan" (2006)

David Gross, for "Flight of Athena: Homer's Use of Avian Imagery in the Odyssey" (2006)

Jon Serbin (History), for "Hannah Arendt and Jews in the British Nation-State" (2005)

Study Aboard

AY 2010: Jessica Drake (Tel Aviv University, Israel), Matthew Gill (Pitt in London), Allison Huggins (Italy), Isabelle Jargowski (Semester at Sea), and Rebecca Whalen (Turkey)

AY 2009: Elise Canup (Italy), Talia Cohen (Haifa University, Israel), Darelle Dogans (Galilee program, Israel), Carolyn Gerecht (Semester at Sea), Nichole Hayden (Pitt in London), Tim Jackson (Thailand), Margaret Jeffries (Australearn, Fiji), Candice Robertson (Hebrew University, Israel), and Laurie Zinberg (Semester at Sea)

Summer 2008: Tim Jackson (Mongolia), Margaret Jeffries (Ireland), Nichole Jokola (Greece), Mallory Jordan (Haifa University, Israel), Laura McGee (Boston University Dublin Internship program), Sarah Murison (China), and Lindsey Myers (Turkey)

AY 2008: Lauren Alexander (Denmark), Sinead Balnionis (Perth, Australia), Kendra Buckwalter (Semester at Sea), Kaan Buyukaric (ACC/Hamilton College Program, Beijing, China, supported by an ASC, Study in China Scholarship), Luke Coryea (Prague, Czech Republic), Bjorn Edwards (Australia), Robin Farabee-Siers (Jordan), Reem Hanna (Amizade/West Virginia University Service Learning Program, Singapore), and Mark Parchment (Italy)

AY 2006: Akshar Abbot (medicine and public health volunteer, India), Robin Farabee-Siers (Turkey), Angela Heffron (Cornell University Archeological Field School), Joe Ludington (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel), Alex Moore (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Ravi Sharma (University of Wisconsin Year-in-India Program), Kate Sheatley (minor) (Ecuador), and Ariella Siegel (Buenos Aires)


AY 2009: Caryn Goldenberg interned for three terms for the YMCA's Moderate Voices for Progress Program.

AY 2008: Rebecca Wassell interned with the youth group at Temple David; Jason Saltzman interned at a law firm.

AY 2007: Kevin Topolsky interned at WQED and KDKA, where he was introduced to film editing, worked for the program On Q, ans was part of a team that created a college page for the KDKA Web site. Kevin conducted a series of interviews with students at Pitt, CMU, and Duquesne that highlighted aspects of student life in Pittsburgh.

AY 2005: Jennifer Harding, a past Chancellor's Research Fellow, held an internship in the Education Office of Carnegie Museum of Natural History (world cultures education).

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